Deltaş Private Security Company is among the biggest security companies in Turkey. Our company has been established in 2004 operating all the necessary permissions within the framework of Private Security Act 5188 regulating the rules and determining the legal conditions of Private Security Sector in Turkey.

In order to meet the increasing security needs of our citizens, we determine our security solutions analyzing of all possible threats and security gaps which our customers could be faced. We are continously investigate the possible security needs and this make us refresh our company and also our services.

As being Turkey security company, we serve private and public institutions in İzmir and the surrounding cities. Our primary aim is to enhance our customer satisfaction and make our brand be known. Deltaş Private Security Co. is also an authorized private security education institution which trains people who wants to be a security officier.

Ensuring security of public Institutions, private institutions, building and region, VIP Guarding, security of sites and private properties, security of fairs and organizations are among our services. In order to reach more details about our services, you can visit our website